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Which Dog Breeds Make the Best Guard Dogs?

If you want to have a guard dog, you’ll need to know which breeds are best known for providing extra protection to their families. Some dogs simply aren’t the best as guarding the home because they’re too small, shy, or even a bit too frightened. However, some breeds are naturally better at providing protection to loved ones and their homes and have been guarding humans for centuries.


Dobermans are some of the smartest dogs you’ll ever meet. They’re wise, good at many things, and are usually not afraid of anything. If you want extra protection for your home, you can expect a Doberman to do the job the right way. The lovable pets are loyal to their owners and are easy to train, making them the perfect pet to purchase or adopt.

German Shepherds

There are several reasons why police officials often use this specific dog breed and it’s because they’re good at listening to instructions, they tend to grasp what they’re learning rather quickly, and they’re loyal to their owners. These dogs are confident in everything they do, and they’ll always go the extra mile to make sure their loved ones are safe.


Want to bring a gentle giant into your home? If so, get a Rottweiler and you won’t be disappointed one bit. When trained properly from the very beginning, these dogs are known for their loyalty, kindness to their loved ones, and bravery against possible intruders and attackers. These lovable dogs are goofy and sweet, but they’re not afraid to do what it takes to protect their families from harm.

These breeds are by far some of the best dog breeds to consider purchasing or adopting if you want a dog that is going to guard your home. If you’re going to provide a loving, welcoming environment for your new pet, the dog will surely return the favor by offering nothing but loyalty and protection to everyone in the home.